GruppSol becomes raymond with sights set on the international market. The company recently moved to new premises in Mölnlycke, just outside Gothenburg, Sweden to make room for more coworkers and to enable its own production wall-to-wall with the headquarter.

The name change is part of the company’s long-term international strategy. “To take on an international market, we of course need a name that works”, says CEO Daniel Magnergård. “And we want to express our values and ambitions. We are personal. We are driven, even hyper ambitious. And right from the get go, we have aimed to share our knowledge and expertise. Therefor the personal name Raymond fits us perfectly.”

Ray is linked to the sun and the word “mond” comes from the French word monde which means world. “So far, no one in the company is named Raymond,” says Daniel Magnergård. “But we are all raymonds, a strong team that is driven by the transition to sustainable energy production and to develop our products: solar cell solutions that are an investment for both the customer and the environment – while also being aesthetically pleasing. “

Just recently, raymond moved into its new modern premises in Mölnlycke, where the company is establishing the new headquarter with offices, production and storage.

We are in the middle of an exciting growth phase. With the new premises, we will continue to grow as well as creating a closer collaboration between departments, CEO Daniel Magnergård concludes.

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